Pure Native

SWT Camp. Run SWT Without JRE in Native C++.

NewJ implements the core Java API in 100% native C++, for C++. SWT Camp lets you take SWT Java source code and run it without a JRE in 100% native C++ using NewJ. SWT Camp can be used to move existing SWT Java programs to C++, and it can be used to develop new SWT C++ programs. SWT Camp is a do-it-yourself toolkit by developers, for developers.

Rev up SWT to run without a JRE in 100% native C++.
SWT Camp brings the benefits of NewJ and 100% native C++ to SWT, including: run without a JRE, simplified single .EXE deployment, applications start-up immediately with no waiting, seamless integration with existing C++ applications and libraries.

Full fidelity. Zero forking.
Forks are not your friends. SWT Camp uses ingenious fork-resistant technology to produce SWT C++ entirely from SWT Java source code. This means that SWT C++ is intentionally feature-for-feature and bug-for-bug compatible with the SWT Java implementation. For you, this means the results you're expecting instead of doing more testing.

SWT Camp is the source.
Includes full source code for SWT C++ Platform Implementation (swtcpppi) library.

Welcome campers.
We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvement. Free download. Available now.

Requires: Windows 2000, XP or later; Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 (Visual Studio 2005) or Visual C++ 7.1 (Visual Studio .NET 2003); NewJ Desktop for C++; NewJ Equals C++.

Note: You need NewJ Desktop for C++ and NewJ Equals C++ before you can use SWT Camp and SWT C++.

1. Download NewJ Desktop Trial Edition

2. Download NewJ Equals C++

3. Download SWT Camp

NewJ is neither a product of or nor is endorsed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. NewJ implements the java.lang, java.io, and java.util packages according to the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v1.2.2 API Specification as published by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Behavioral considerations of the NewJ native library implementation can be found here.

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,346,897